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Stairs and wall panels

When building a multi-storey building or a two-level apartment, an important question – what are the stairs to choose? In this case, wooden stairs will be the best option, because they not only perform their direct function, but also make the room original, cozy, presentable, luxurious.

Advantages of the choice of stairs from a natural tree:

naturalness and naturalness of the material;
luxury and elite appearance;
durability of a design.

Do you want to decorate the walls with something interesting, instead of the usual ways? Or do you dream of a holistic design, where the walls will be in the same design with the door? We make wall panels from a tree in design of doors, wooden laths, wooden panels, too, – from us it is possible to order an individual decor for walls.

You can order wooden stairs in Ternopil or wall or panel decor by visiting our branded salon-exhibition at: ave. S. Banderi, 22.

If you are from another region of the country or you have individual wishes about the color, design of stairs and wall panels – leave a request on our website and our manager will give you professional advice on how to buy wood stairs and how to order wall panels made of wood.