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Designers of Ternopil Furniture Factory have developed 30 kitchen modules, which allows to complete more than 1500 different variants of kitchens of unique design and various complexity with wishes of the customer and depending on features of interior of the room.

All furniture for kitchens we manufacture from valuable and hard wood – oak and ash.

The most modern sliding accessories are used in manufacture of kitchens: meta-boxes, tandem-boxes, kargo and others. All lower modules are mounted on legs that are closed by the base plate of natural wood, which, if necessary, is easily removed and this makes it very easy to clean the kitchen area.

Our factory offers a set of classic handmade stained-glass windows, each of which is unique. The client has a wide range of exterior fittings (pens). At the request of client we carry out the complete set of high-quality home appliances of world-known firms, our managers will provide comprehensive information on its technical characteristics and features of use.