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TMF makes doors from an array of valuable species (oak, beech, ash, alder).

Extensive experience of our employees, high-tech equipment and the presence of our own drying chambers ensures the reliability and durability of your doors. At the request of the customer, the doors are decorated with hand carvings and unique classic stained glass. At the final stage, the products are covered with high-quality Italian polyurethane varnish with a large palette of colors. We also offer a wide selection of door fittings.
The main advantages of solid wood doors:
1. Strength. To buy a wooden door is, first of all, to choose a product that can be used for many years. After all, wood is strong and resistant to damage.
2. Design. Interior solid wood doors have long been considered the main element of refined taste. It is possible to make wooden doors both in classical style, and in modern minimalist options.
3. Ecological. Doors from a natural tree are not only beautiful, but also display of care of health. After all, wood is a natural, environmentally friendly material.

You can buy wooden doors in our online and offline stores. You can order doors of individual design and size by leaving an application on the website.